Fall colors, return to art

The later-mentioned printer is a Canon ImageProGRAF5100 (17″ wide max, roll or tray fed, 12 color pigment ink, with extra tanks for B&W images to increase tonal range in said images) and can print anything from 4″x6″ to 17″x59′ borderless canvas wraps. I will frame on request, although because of size you may be better off having the piece framed locally.

Some photos are going to be signed limited editions of 20 or less, partly because of the time involved in printing very large prints, and partially because who wouldn’t want a limited edition anything? These photos will be available in larger sizes only, generally ranging from 16″x19″ to 17″x22″ or above. Even larger prints may be available from time to time, these will have their printing farmed out to local shops or internet shops at your choice. They will not be cheap, partially because of the quality of the equipment, paper and ink (aka cost) used, and partially because they’re worth it.

Others will be available in all sizes. Any non-limited-edition image is also purchasable as a rights managed stock photograph, at standard industry rates (Alamy’s Site has a nice calculator). I’m going to be contributing to their archives regularly there, which is mainly of interest to those purchasing for stock use. Many of those will be on Alamy as well, but they take a heavy cut these days and I like to know my customers. To date, I have over 8 million stock photos published or purchased for publishing. I have been able to trace down some, Elle magazine uses a photo in one of their articles on Miami’s fashion district. A Detroit rooftop is used as the background for an Olympic gold medalist gymnast. The larger sales were a textbook and a financial sector magazine in the US.

Anyway, my ankles seem to be almost entirely unfucked (although I have weak legs, still), I took a ~2 hour walk yesterday evening in the Murdock Park woods to celebrate, and didn’t seem to have trouble helping the shipping company move the 165lb (packed) printer into the garage. My legs may be weaker, but supporting my weight with a cane made the rest of me stronger. Now, since you’re here for the pictures — here you go. Probably some of the best I’ve made in years in here. Soon this will be set up as a site with purchaseable items, but for now it remains the gallery it was… just with more posts…




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